Customer update Nov 1st

Some updates this month:

We've still haven't launched our first dice Kickstarter - It has taken way longer then we had planned to launch our planned dice kickstarter. We want to make sure the quality is solid before launching and we've had no end of quality issues. Our second sample of color changing dice certainly change color better then the first attempt but they still aren't responsive enough in our opinion.

We also have samples of Hawaiian Sunset and Snowblind being created so those may be our launch set depending on what is ready first.

We've launched a prepaid 'Year of Dice' - This is the ideal Christmas gift for the gamer in your life. It is our regular monthly dice subscription pre paid for a year. This product won't renew after the first year so you can buy it as a gift for someone for a birthday or Christmas or whatever. The 'Year of Dice' is available in worldwide in either US or Canadian dollars.

We are reducing our SKU count - SKU count is essentially the number of products a site carries. The more products you carry the more complex your the process of fulfilling orders is. As we grow we need to simplify our shipping process to make sure that the site is efficient enough to remain a part-time job until it is profitable enough to be a full-time job. For this reason we are going to be dropping our individual books and focusing on subscriptions and custom products only for the time being. To that end we won't be bringing on any new book inventory and we are selling out of all the books we currently have in stock. Use the code 'CanadaCanadaCanada' to get 20% off all books on the site until we sell out.




  • Does that mean you’re also ending/ultimately ending the book subscriptions?
    We probably should have been more clear in the post. We are not ending the book subscriptions. The books we are selling out of are the hardcover books that we don’t sell via the subscription. As our volume grows we need to focus in on orders that we can fill fast that don’t take up too much space. The subscriptions are great because we can pack 50 books in 30 minutes and just address them as the orders come in. No need to be digging through a massive shelf to find the slightly worn copy of some obscure book or worrying that we send the slightly worn copy when the person ordered the pristine copy.

    That said some people have noticed that we have stopped taking new subscribers for the D&D book subscription. We did this to be able to keep the quality high for our existing subscribers while we deal with the growth we’ve seen. It proved to be more popular then we anticipated and getting inventory in bulk is a challenge. We hope to reopen it to new subscribers in early 2019.

  • You say your going to keep up the subscriptions and custom products, but also that you’re selling out your book inventory and aren’t taking on new book stock — does that mean you’re also ending/ultimately ending the book subscriptions, or am I misunderstanding? :o


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